Saint Laurent Rive Droite x Maison Intègre

Saint Laurent Rive Droite invite Maison Intègre dans les boutiques SLRD de Paris et de Los Angeles pour exposer leur travail.

C’est à Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso que Maison intègre voit le jour en 2017 sous l’impulsion d’Ambre Jarno. Passionnée par l’art africain, elle rencontre des artisans locaux et accède à des savoir-faire ancestraux, notamment la technique ancestrale de coulée du bronze à la cire perdue. Son ambition est de promouvoir l’artisanat d’excellence du Burkina Faso, « le pays des hommes intègres » auquel la marque doit son nom. Depuis 2017, ces artisans fabriquent des meubles et des objets en bronze à partir de métal recyclé et de matériaux naturels.

Ambre Jarno collabore avec une quinzaine d’artisans aux compétences variées et s’attachent à leur fournir un niveau de travail constant. Une sélection d’objet est actuellement en vente en boutique.

« le pays des hommes intègres »

Saint Laurent Rive Droite invites Maison Intègre to SLRD stores in Paris and Los Angeles to exhibit their work. Maison Intègre was created in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, in 2017 by Ambre Jarno. Ambre Jarno moved to Burkina Faso at the age of 24 where she quickly became interested in African art, a passion that lead her to meet artisans and access ancestral knowledge, notably the ancestral technique of casting bronze with lost wax. 

A few years later, Maison Intègre was born with the ambition to promote excellent craftsmanship from Burkina Faso, “the country of honest men” to which it owes its name. Since 2017, they have been making bronze furniture and objects using recycled metal and natural materials. They collaborate with up to fifteen craftsmen with a variety of skills and set out to provide them with a constant level of work. 

Last year, Ambre created her own foundry, a space that brings together all the artisans. The workshop houses all the human and technical resources needed to create bronze pieces. Through this project, they seek a long-term approach to quality and excellence by developing the bronze lost wax technique while preserving its authenticity. 

Today, Ambre spends her time between Europe and Ouagadougou where she lives in the ‘artists’ district to be as close as possible to the workshop with her team. The uniqueness of the objects of the Maison Intègre lies in their apparent simplicity, while behind these forms lies a great complexity. Maison Intègre responds to orders from private clients, designers, architects, artists and luxury brands who wish to engage and support their activity. 

At the same time, the Association Maison Intègre (AMI), aims at developing, supporting, and accompanying the community of the bronze craftsmen in Burkina Faso. A presence on the ground that allows them to act with full knowledge of the local problems and issues. The objective of this organization is to create a virtuous environment that benefits the entire community over time. 

Maison Intègre has collaborated with Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Brendan Ravenhill, François Champsaur, Pia Chevalier as well as with Charlotte Thon & Marc Boinet and launched a special edition for Les Ateliers Courbet. 

The selection of pieces will be available for sale. 

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